Realms of inferno (Hell)

The Naraka realm, or "hell realm" is a rebirth based on strong states of desire, hatred & ignorance cultivated in a previous life or lives.  This is one of the most difficult realm to escape from, since the condition tends to be self-perpetuating, with intense suffering and aggression feeding each other (one's living in Hell is described as being measured in kalpas).

Hell is a condition of total claustrophobic aggression, in which one perceives no freedom of action and has very little life-force (physical or mental energy). One feels totally trapped by one's circumstances; the being is dominated by anger, hatred and frustrated rage and, in extreme cases, the urge to destroy oneself and everything else.

"If one falls into one of the 136 hells which are frightful even to think of,

one will have to undergo immense suffering and hardship. Then there will not be the slightest opportunity for doing merits."

{From - Lowada Sangarawa (towards a better world); a Sinhalese poem of the 15th century by Ven. Vĩdãgama Maitreya Tero & translated by Bhikku K. Nãnananda}